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I Have A DUI/OVI Arrest, What Happens Now?

There is no doubt that being charged with an OVI in Ohio is a scary thing. No one “plans” to be charged with this type of crime. At the Clifford Law Offices, we’ll help you get through this uncertain time.

We can investigate the details, study the police report and ensure the proper procedures were used to make the DUI arrest. Whether you chose to take a chemical test and what type (breath, urine or blood) will determine the complexity of your case. In any event, it is important that you have legal representation to assist you in navigating the difficult maze of procedures and consequences of an OVI charge.

If you took and failed a chemical test, your license will automatically be suspended by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles under an Administrative License Suspension (ALS). If you refused to take a test, your license will be suspended as well (usually for a much longer period of time).

There are significant and quick deadlines for filing appropriate motions, including those for driving privileges, appealing the administrative license suspension, motion to suppress, etc.  So DON’T WAIT to seek the advice of an attorney.

Legal Guidance For A Driving-Under-The-Influence Arrest

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