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Seeking Reduced Penalties For DUI/OVI Charges

The DUI attorney at Clifford Law Offices offers you the local representation you need. Our firm will provide a defense of your DUI, traffic, theft, felony or other criminal case and help you protect your rights.

Due to the severe nature of a DUI charge, our attorney will work quickly to help you avoid stiff fines, the loss of driving privileges, community service and jail time. No matter how many DUI arrests you’ve obtained, you need a defense strategy that will strive to do the following for you:

  • Analyze probable cause
  • Discover illegal police actions
  • Detect civil rights violations
  • Examine Breathalyzer and blood test results

In preparing a defense strategy, it’s important that you recall all the details surrounding the incident to us. This way, our experienced DUI lawyer can provide a defense that’s customized to your situation.

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