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A criminal arrest was not expected. Now your whole world has changed. Whether you face assault charges, a rash of speeding tickets or an arrest for marijuana possession throughout Ohio — the Clifford Law Offices are here to protect your best interests with aggressive yet personalized counsel.

Criminal Defense

Strong representation against criminal arrests.

DUI/OVI Defense

Defense and knowledge of new marijuana laws.

Traffic Violations

Help those charged with driving violations.

Deep Knowledge Of The Latest Laws & Science

Keeping up-to-date of the most recent laws is our priority. We are educated in the science of toxicology and how it relates to DUI/OVI, which provides an edge when representing clients with drug and alcohol-related offenses. This helps us guide our clients who incur drug-driving/marijuana possession charges in Ohio, though they have a valid prescription for marijuana from a physician.

Our criminal defense attorney also represents clients with criminal arrests involving:

  • DUI/OVI, vehicular assault and manslaughter
  • Driving under suspension (DUS)
  • Drugs
  • Domestic assault
  • Trespassing
  • Weapons

Extensive experience and commitment can help you with a solid defense strategy. Contact our confident, aggressive criminal defense attorney who will seek your most positive results.

The only way we can help save your job and protect your freedom is if you call.

The only way we can help save your job and protect your freedom is if you call.

Seeking Your Most Positive Results

Ready to make a difference, our dedicated lawyer will strive to help you stay out of jail and reduce penalties due to an arrest. To request a free evaluation of your situation, call our attorney at 419-719-5312 or send us this contact info email.

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